16g Plastic Steel No:1

16g Plastic Steel No:1

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Product Code :153 13 035
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It is a double-blended, transparent, adhesive close to iron strength.

Heat resistant, no electrical conductivity.

It is resistant to fuels, alkalis, oils and acids.

The fact that our preferred epoxy adhesive product is highly resistant to vibration for any kind of repair during the hardening period is the reason for the manufacturer and the construction industry.

Radiator cracks can be safely used in the repair of bottles, in the repair of water pipes, in tank repairs.

In kitchen ware (plates, pots, pans, etc.) tiles, washbasins, marbles broken and cracks, Accumulator cracks and cracks etc. Can be used safely in business.

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153 13 035
Tanım16gr Plastic Steel
Paket (adet)12
Koli (adet)144
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