Marketing Department

Teknik Atilim marketing department consists of three arms which are; Istanbul, Anatolia and corporate consumers. These sub-departments serve stationaries, wholesalers as well as large corporates that need office supplies and systems, and further provide our dear costumers with knowledge about the newest technologies.

Marketing department's business carriers purchase and sales units, enables the delivery of customer's desired products in the shortest amount of time under proper circumstances.


Foreign Relations Department

Constantly keeping up with the world market in the office-stationary industry, aiming to put all kinds of innovations simultaneously to the Turkish market, Teknik Atilim is consistently in contact with foreign manufacturers through its foreign relations department.

Moreover we attend exposition and seminars abroad to accelerate the process of adapting the latest technological developments to the Turkish market.


Service Department

Due to almost all of our office-stationary systems being imported, it's important for Teknik Atilim to maintain service even after you make your purchase. Our brand is capable of caring for maintenance and repairs as soon as possible and always reservoirs enough amount of spare parts in order to avoid the machines becoming irreparable.


Manufacturing Department

Our brand Teknik Atilim "SARFF" recognizes the function of manufacturing as much as importation in the office-stationary industry. Therefore our aim is to draw our consumers into contributing to the domestic production by bringing in various sarf materials and accessorizes of world quality manufacturing to the sector.